Thursday, April 30, 2009

Decorate with Seashells

For an ocean-fresh splash in the tub, string denizens of the sea along your shower curtain. Nab shells from a beach vacation or purchase some from a crafts store. Drill a small hole in the starfish (no need to drill holes in the sand dollars -- they have one), string them on cotton cording, and loop the cording through the shower rings. You can also hang individual shells from lengths of twine or ribbon.

Large shells, individually displayed, are as attractive as fine sculpture. Look for perfect pieces that will sit flat or be propped up on a stand or pedest

Wonder what to do with all the little shells you have found washed up on the shore? Collect the small beauties and glue them around a frame for a quick and easy beachy accessory

Using shells for craft projects is a beautiful way to add seashell style into your life. Here, shell-encrusted pieces steal the spotlight in this dramatic hallway display.

Decorative bowls are often used for storage, display, or a unique room accent. Here, a large shell sits in place of a typical bowl in this cute beach-themed display. Large shells are great for displaying mixed fruits, potpourri, or smaller shells

If you want to add a subtle touch of the ocean to the bathroom, shells are the perfect accessory. This bowl of pretty neutral shells displayed on the bathroom's exposed shelf looks simple, classic, and clean.


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